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Narrative Therapy in Grand Rapids

Narrative Therapy believes that our lives are shaped and affected by the stories we tell ourselves and see ourselves a part of – changing our narrative can help change our life for the better.

Our lives are healthy and meaningful to the extent the stories we see ourselves apart of are healthy and meaningful. When our stories are those of victimhood, low self worth, self limitation, and other narrow and unhealthy self conceptions, our behavior tends to reflect these same deep seated convictions, emotions, and attitudes.

The work of Narrative Therapy is to bring awareness to our personal stories, examine them, and then rewrite them toward healthier, more positive plots and outcomes. By exploring the stories we tell ourselves we can find ways to grow, change, heal, and become whole.

About Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy can help you gain a fuller and deeper understanding of yourself. This increased self awareness may allow you to overcome obstacles and challenges and discover solutions to your problems.


The Therapy Process

In Narrative Therapy, you work with the therapist to identify plots, roles, and scripts that may be influencing patterns of negative behavior, preventing you from achieving your goals and greater wholeness.


Gregory Gronbacher, Ph.D.

Gregory’s is a certified narrative therapist with a passion for helping people thrive and find wholeness. His concierge practice caringly serves individuals of all ages and backgrounds


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